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Minnesota Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Dangerfield’s Restaurant, 1583 1st Ave East in Shakopee, MN

Members present – Ken Frederick, Amanda Cerne, Ryan Gastecki, Aaron Uecker, Paul Dennison, Cheryl Lofrano-Zaske, Jamison Reginek, Teresa Gilbertson, Dustin Heidinger, Bill Fouks, and Interns from Carver County Erik Olson and Carol Zurn.

10:00 am       Paul Dennison – Welcome & Introductions

10:20 am       Paul Dennison - NAHMMA National Conference August 27 - 30 in Portland, Maine.

                      Send any scholarship requests for the National Conference to Ryan Gastecki.

10:25 am       Ken Frederick - Secretary Report

                      Jamison motioned to approve, Teresa seconded, all approved secretary report. 

10:30 am       Cheryl Lafrano-Zaske - Treasurer Report

                      Ken motioned to approve, Paul seconded, all approved $13,935 in Minnesota Chapter account.

10:40 am       Jamison Reginek – What happens to haz-mat once it leaves a HHW facility; a tour from cradle to grave.

                      Jamison's presentation can be found here: CWD Facility Tour

11:00 am       Paul Dennison - Chapter Business / Nominations        

                      Secretary - Motion was made by Teresa for Ken Frederick to continue as secretary, Cheryl seconded, all approved.

                      Treasurer - Motion was made by Teresa for Cheryl to contiue as Treasurer, Paul seconded, all approved.

                      Vice President - Motion was made by Jamison for Bill Fouks as Vice President, Ryan seconded, all approved.

                      President - Ryan Gastecki will move from Vice President to President.              

12:00 pm      Lunch provided by NAHMMA

1:00 pm        Arlene Blum –"The Chemical Class Approach towards Healthier Products and People" Biophysical chemist and mountaineer Arlene Blum gives a lecture on her memoir, "Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life." Blum is the founder and executive director of the Green Science Policy     Institute and a visiting scholar in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work regarding flame-retardants are highly fluorinated chemicals associated with serious health problems and can remain in the environment forever. Rather than addressing the tens of thousands of chemicals in production one at a time, the chemical class approach educates decision makers in government and business about chemical classes containing many of the hazardous substances commonly found in products and materials. The Green Science Policy Institute developed this approach so that better choices of chemicals can be made, regrettable substitutions can be avoided, and human and environmental health can be protected.

More information on Arlene's presentation can be found here:  http://greensciencepolicy.org/online-premiere-of-the-six-classes-videos-healthier-products-healthier-people/

More information on the Green Science Policy Institue can be found here: http://greensciencepolicy.org/

2:00 pm         Adjourn

                      Jamison montioned to adjourn, Teresa seconded, all approved.


The North America Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) is a professional organization established in November of 1993, dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the hazardous constituents entering municipal waste streams from entities that may be exempt from regulations. NAHMMA unites the diverse entities that influence or have an interest in hazardous components of municipal waste streams (product manufacturers, government regulators, provincial, state and local waste management programs, waste handling businesses, non-profit environmental organizations) in an active, engaging association that promotes information sharing and cooperative problem solving. NAHMMA has nine local Chapters across the US (Minnesota being one of them). NAHMMA strives to build consensus and foster public/private cooperation.

NOTE: This event will qualify for CHMM Certification Maintenance Points. For additional information see: http://www.ihmm.org/ihmm-today/maintaining-your-chmm-or-chmp-credential-and-recertification